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DIY Copper Pipe and Wood Slice Side Table

Oct 25, 2017

This side table is the perfect example of procrastination. I have been ‘planning’ this tutorial since we purchased our Christmas tree and it came with this hunk of wood on the bottom. I (naturally) squirrelled it away to make into the perfect DIY at a later date… Six months and 500 ideas later I decided I had to just get on with it and I’m so happy I did! No longer do I have to reach so far for my coffee in the morning. That in itself is worth it.


Wood Slice

Bench Vice

Copper Pipe

Saddle Clips

Screws & Screwdriver

Pipe Bending Spring and Pipe Bender (Optional: If you have them lying around you might as well use them)


1. Use tape to mark out the width of your wood slice on the first copper pipe. Make sure there are equal lengths of pipe either side to keep it central.

2. Do the same with the second piece of pipe but mark it 1cm / 1/2″ from the edge.

3. On the first pipe mark the exact middle between your tape. You should be left with two pieces of pipe that look similar to the ones below.

4. If you’re using a pipe bender spring pop it in now. (I ended up not using this as I just wasn’t strong enough, so don’t worry if you don’t have one.)

5. Hold the pipe tightly in the vice at the outer tape markings and pull the rest of the pipe towards you. It’s easier the more pipe you have to bend.

6. Bend the two ends up to create a U shape as shown below.

7. Measure from the bottom of the U up to the ends of the pipe. Here you’ll want to measure an equal amount from the bottom that will allow you at least a couple of inches at the top of each pipe. Mark off with tape.

8. Put the pipe back into the vice face down with the rest of the pipe facing towards you and bend the pipe in your direction.

9. Once you’ve bent all four ends of the pipes inwards go to the the final tape mark that is left in the middle of your first pipe and bend just enough to let the second pipe sit underneath it. You’ll need to adjust the sides a little now to give you two legs that look like the bottom picture below.

10. Place the leg with the straight pipe down first and then slot the other leg over the top. Balance your wood slice on the top to make sure it’s steady. If it’s way off you might need to bend your pipe again.

11. Screw your saddle clips into the bottom of your wood slice over the ends of the copper pipe. It really helps if you have 6 hands here. Try to accost someone into helping you hold the legs in place if you can.

12. Turn over and give your new table and new home. Find something pretty to sit on top and you’re done!