Apr 21, 2020

Wooden things usually associate with high quality, with style and with beauty. We want to present you one wonderful company that creates wooden walking canes. ART WALKING STICKS are making really pieces of art that are worth of your attention. This sticks are not just comfortable and useful, but they also will be very unique and fashionable accessories you will be proud to save for many years and maybe even to create your own collection.


ART WALKING STICKS creates beautiful walking canes that are fascinated all over the world. They love their work. They combine different breeds of wood and also add brass so your wooden walking sticks are unsurpassed. It is very important for them if you are satisfied with the purchase. They are very pleased about this. All products are made by hand with environmentally-green materials. ART WALKING STICKS specializes in high-grade canes and walking sticks. This beautiful walking stick will be handmade from scratch for you. It will be a high quality work. All these sticks are made of natural wood (not plastic). 

Whether you’re looking for an attractive every day cane or a high end work of art, each of those handcrafted pieces is made with the same care and precision. Each cane is designed with durability, comfort, and style in mind so that you can enjoy using your unique piece every day for years to come.

All of canes and walking sticks are designed by teamART WALKING STICKS, which do not have duplicates. They create a new design every month.

This team is united by love to the nature and natural safe products. They have no complicated equipment and they make their canes mostly manually using traditional technology. 

Art walking sticks cane epoxy resin red

“You may be an elderly person or a young person, but it’s not easy for you to go out to because you can not walk well. We took care of this and made a canes that you would not be ashamed of. On the contrary, you will receive a lot of compliments about your cane, and it will make your walk a pleasure. We It does not make a product more innovative, powerful or valuable than it really is. We does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept.”  ART WALKING STICKS